2019 Fall Family Mini Sessions -  St. Louis Family Photographer

2019 Fall Family Mini Sessions - St. Louis Family Photographer

It maybe be hot outside but with the fall schedule already booking up I have decided to open Fall Family Mini Sessions for booking!

Session location will either be at Forest Park or Lafayette Park for October 22nd and November 3rd and Faust Park for October 27th.


Included in your Mini Session is:

-15-20 minute session

-Online selection gallery of 20-30 images sent one week after your session

-10 digital images of your choice

-10 page heirloom Session Book

-Full gallery of images will be available to add on for $175

Need a Full Session for a large family or a studio session? Please send a request for additional pricing details!


Mickey Mouse Cake Smash - St. Louis Cake Smash Photographer

Mickey Mouse Cake Smash - St. Louis Cake Smash Photographer

Cake Smashes are some of my favorite sessions. Not only are the setups fun, but I get to make a call to my talented cake artist.. These unique and beautiful cakes are included in every cake smash session. Just tell me what your theme is and we will get to work putting it together.

Cake from: Laura’s Cakes

st-louis-cake-samsh-photographer-one-year-old-boy-mickey-mouse-theme-collage (2).jpg

I say it over and over again, but it is always a pleasure to get the whole family in on the fun.. Dad told me that he hadn’t gotten a chance to “cake smash” his Bride at the wedding, so he had been looking forward to this opportunity. Let me tell you, he more than made up for lost time. And Mom was more than happy to return the favor!


Missouri Botanical Garden Maternity Session - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

Missouri Botanical Garden Maternity Session - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

While most of my sessions are done in the comfort of my South St. Louis Studio, I do love getting the opportunity now and then to go out and do something a little more personal and unique for my clients. This beautiful couple had a membership to the Missouri Botanical Garden and wanted to bring a little color into their maternity shoot even though it was done during the winter.


If you have lived here long enough, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. This time, it really worked to our benefit. The morning snow cleared in time to make getting to the Garden relatively easy and created a gorgeous backdrop for the end of the session!


This is Mom’s favorite view at the Japanese garden… Of course we had to work it into the session. I admit that the idea of shooting in the cold can be a little daunting, but when these are the results it is definitely worth the effort.


St. Louis Cardinals Family Pictures - St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Cardinals Family Pictures - St. Louis Family Photographer

Most of what you see on my site are Newborns and Babies. And while I am very proud to be a Newborn Photographer, I have gotten the chance to work with a few of my clients for several years. I recently got the opportunity once again to do a session for some old family friends.. We did a Cardinals themed set up before but, with the new addition, it was time for an update! And of course, as a St. Louis based photographer I am always ready to accommodate a Cardinals theme.


Brother and sister look so great together.. She loves him so much and it shows! In a few years the sibling rivalry may set in but, for now, its all smiles and hugs.


And of course, I always include individual setups in my family sessions. You just have to have individual photos of the little ones to pass out to family and friends.


Alice in Wonderland Cake Smash - St. Louis Cake Smash Photographer

Alice in Wonderland Cake Smash - St. Louis Cake Smash Photographer

I love it when parents ask for an extra fun theme for a cake smash and this Alice in Wonderland session definitely helped me check one off my cake smash theme bucket list!

I always work in a few different setups during each session to give my clients multiple options in their final images. And come on, how cute was this Mary Poppins dress!


She had the most adorable Alice dress but we didn’t want to risk it getting ruined with icing so we did a few fun shots before we broke out the cake! Now I usually try not to do much in the way of adding elements to shots, but I couldn’t resist the urge to incorporate the Cheshire Cat to this one.. her pose just seemed to work with it.


Then of course it was time for cake, and this little lady did not disappoint! I think she would have eaten all of the icing if we would have let her. And of course, all my cake smash sessions always include a cake from my talented partner cakes artists. Just tell me your theme and we will get to work making it happen.

Cake by: Catherine’s Cakery


Chesterfield Community Preschool - Small Business Spotlight

Hi and welcome to my very first Small Business Profile! I hope to make this a regular feature in which I will try to provide a snapshot of a small business in the area in order to get the word out about some great local businesses.

For my inaugural article, I am happy to feature Chesterfield Community Preschool! CCP is a Montessori style Micro School with an aim of providing a quality education for children from ages 3 to 6. Birdie, the school’s founder and director has over 8 years of experience as an educator and had a very personal reason for creating the school.

She says; “As a teacher, affording preschool or childcare for my three children seemed impossible so I put my certifications and experience to work and started my own program.” Her own son was only a few weeks old when the school opened and has essentially been “raised” by 14 preschoolers! They think of him as just like themselves and eagerly offer to babysit.

Image provided by CCP

Image provided by CCP

Birdie went on to say that she is most proud of “[The School’s] diverse and loving collection of families that make up our school community.” Chesterfield Community Preschool is working toward offering full day options as opposed to only half day programs and establishing a sister school that would be a Montessori inspired farmstead!

Image provided by CCP

Image provided by CCP

Birdie wants to tell prospective families; “We aren’t a fancy school and don’t have the offerings of larger institutions, but we love our students and families and take pride in the program offered. We think Montessori should be accessible to anyone and we hope we’re doing our part to educate families on the philosophy.”

Enrollment is open now so visit www.ccpstl.org to learn more about the school and submit an application. Mention this Small Business Spotlight to have your application fee waived!


Local to St. Louis? If you would like to have your business featured please email irene@fourfirefliesphotography.com

Birthdays and Balloons - St. Louis Birthday Photographer

Birthdays and Balloons - St. Louis Birthday Photographer

While my focus might be more in Newborns and Babies.. I am more than happy to open my South City studio to pretty much anyone. And it is nice to do something a little different now and then! When talking to this cutie’s mom, we wanted to try to plan something really fun and a little different for her 3 year old’s birthday session. I mean, come on.. who doesn’t love balloons?!


One of my favorite shots for toddler girls is to go for a spin with daddy, and these two rocked it! Just look at that smile!


Of course I can’t help but to cram a bunch of different setups into every session. Whether families want to bring special items from home or take advantage of my HUGE collection of props and accessories, the result is a variety of beautiful and unique photos for them to enjoy and share. And, of course, it always helps when your subject had a gorgeous smile and infectious laugh.


Newborn Girl -  St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

One thing I never get tired of is getting to meet so many happy families. As a Newborn Photographer I get to interact with so many amazing people and the newest additions to their families. No matter if it is the first baby or not, the overwhelming sense of love and joy is always so incredible to be a part of. This family was a joy to work with and, as you will see.. baby was so cooperative and really gave a lot of personality to the images we captured.

st-louis-newborn-photographer-baby-girl-smiling-with mom-and-dad-on-brown-background.jpg

I always welcome lots of input from families in planning out a session. My South City studio is fully stocked with lots of wraps, clothes and accessories for Mom and baby, but a personal touch like matching this matching robe and wrap make for unique and spacial pictures.


Finally, I just wanted to show off a couple of shots from my favorite setup that we did.. I love the soft colors and simple elegance of these images. There is something so peaceful here that I can’t get enough of.


Newborn Boy - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Boy - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I’ve said it before but, as a Newborn and Baby Photographer, sometimes I have to be flexible.. This little guy was a little older than what I usually see for a Newborn Session but he was so cooperative that we got exactly what we wanted from the session. This family was just so wonderful to work with overall and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of this special time.

st-louis-newborn-photographer-baby-boy-with family-on-brown-backdrop-collaged-with-mom-and-dad-with-newborn.jpg

I encourage the rest of the family to get in on the fun. Big Sister was so loving and helpful.. you can just see how proud she is of her new Baby Brother. What an adorable family!


Grandma was the one to actually reach out to me and, when the time came, she was more than happy to step in front of the camera. There is something about the interaction between Grandma and Baby that just can’t be replicated. This little guy will grow up so fast and I am sure that the family will be so glad to have captured so many special memories.


I try to personalize every session to fit with the personalities of the family I am working with. For these, we went through a number of setups to incorporate Mom and Dad’s love of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter… And you have to admit that the little bear outfit is too cute! I really do appreciate the wide variety of people and interests that I get to encounter doing Newborn, Baby and Family Photography and I love the challenge of incorporating these fun and personal elements into every session that I do.


Flashes Of Hope - St. Louis Photography

My passion may be for newborn and baby photography, but when given the opportunity to give back I couldn’t pass it up. A little while back, I had the chance to work with Flashes of Hope and St. Louis Children’s Hospital to provide professional Photography for patients and their families. It was a great way to bring a little light and fun to a time where they are not feeling their best. Flashes of hope even provides free makeup for the older kids and adults so that they can look their best! I will never forget this experience and I am looking forward to not only volunteering in the hospital again this year but at a special camp too!


Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Just look at this beautiful family! As a newborn photographer in St. Louis I have the honor of being the first to capture so many happy families and this was no exception. My local studio allows me so much freedom in posing and designing these sessions and I absolutely love taking the time to customize each session to the needs and expectations of my clients. And as I have said before, nothing is better than when the whole family gets in on the act. Just look at the smile on Big Sister here, there is no doubt about how much she loves her new sister and I’m sure that they will make a ton of great memories together!


My studio is fully equipped with props, outfits and layering pieces to deliver a unique and special experience to every client I see. That said, I love when the families bring special mementos or heirlooms to incorporate. These blankets were both hand made by baby’s grandmas!


Sleeping babies may be a little easier to work with but I do love getting those smiles and silly looks when the little ones decide to perk up and show their personalities.


2018 Collage - St. Louis Photographer

Wow! What a year it was in 2018. I had so many wonderful experiences with clients old and new and I can’t wait to do it all again this year! .As a photographer I get to be a part of so many stories and I love the part I play in each of them. Each newborn I get to photograph for the very first time and every family I get to work with throughout the year are so special and they all mean so much to me. These collages are my way of showing off these beautiful people and showing my gratitude. I want to thank all of my clients from 2018 and let all of you know how much I truly appreciate the chance to get to know you and to be a part of so many amazing memories and milestones! Thank you all so much and to clients old and new, let’s have an amazing 2019!


Little Baby Yoda - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Little Baby Yoda - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Not so long ago, in a studio conveniently located in South St. Louis… ELIJAH! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I always love getting a chance to get friends and loved ones into the studio for a special occasion, and boy did this qualify! Elijah here is the first child of good friends of mine and I felt blessed to be doing this session for them.


I love when Mom and Dad incorporate personal touches and bits of their own personalities into the shoots. It really makes the whole experience so special and very personal. Elijah here was a trooper too.. so good!


How adorable! These truly peaceful moments are a joy to capture, if of course baby is feeling cooperative. Luckily, this little man did a great job and I was really able to get a great variety of different shots.


I can never say it enough, don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of these once in a lifetime photos. They grow so fast and every parent that gets in on the fun tells me how greatfull they are to have they images!


Santa Sessions 2018 - St. Louis Family Photographer

Santa Sessions 2018 - St. Louis Family Photographer

I am so excited to be welcoming a very special guest to the studio this year! On November 24th Santa Claus has agreed to come in for personal interactions and pictures with your family! This is your chance to have 15 min for your family to spend one on one with the big guy himself!


Remember that Santa sessions are not just for the little ones. He is great for kids of all ages! No matter f you are a kid from 1 to 92, you are never too old for a little holiday magic.


Fall Mini Sessions 2018- St. Louis Family Photographer

Fall Mini Sessions 2018- St. Louis Family Photographer

**Looking for 2019’s fall mini sessions? Click here for details**

Registration for Fall 2018 Mini Sessions are now open! I only do a small number of mini sessions each year and the fall is such a perfect time of year to update your family picture or get some great shots of the kiddos for this years holiday cards. Maybe you just want to have so really fun photos of the little ones frolicking in the leaves! There is no bad reason to sign up..


Sessions this year will be held at Forest Park on October 20th and 21st and once more on November 11th. There are still open slots on each of the days, but don’t wait, they fill up fast!


Looking for an extended family session? Send me a message for more details! Very limited Fall availability left!


Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

This little girl was already a moth old by time she came into the new studio.  She was absolutely perfect and slept as well as a baby of less than 2 weeks!   Just look at how great these turned out.  I'm not sure which I like best.


These yellow setups are quickly becoming some of my favorites for summer!  I think that this little one loved it too. 


I may specialize in newborns and babies, but I still really enjoy family photography as well.  I've said it before but I really love when the rest of the family gets involved in the session.  Hopefully I'll see them again before long to capture more memories for this beautiful family.

st-louis-newborn-family-photographer-collage-of baby-girl-with-dad-and-mom-in-black-and-white.jpg

Beautiful Baby Girl - St. Louis Baby Photographer

Beautiful Baby Girl - St. Louis Baby Photographer

Sometimes it is the simple images that end up being my favorites.  A simple smile and a downward glance that shows off baby's beautiful long lashes.  This little one had a wonderful gallery full of beautiful images, but this one, this simple one with just a hint of color, is by far my favorite of the bunch. 


Cactus Cake Smash - St. Louis First Birthday Photographer

Cactus Cake Smash - St. Louis First Birthday Photographer

I will have pictures from the new studio in South St. Louis soon.  For now, here are some of my favorite shots from my first session in the new space! 


Mama and I found each other on the Crafted In St. Louis Facebook group and it was an instant connection!  She owns Brittany's Bee-utiful Blossoms and makes these amazing paper flowers we used in the pictures! 


I have been in love with this white high-chair for a while and it works perfectly with the white curtain and window in the new studio! 



I always encourage including family in the fun and adding a few family shots to any session is never any extra cost!  These two were excited to get in on the action and to show off their growing family.


Mom also made all of the decorations AND the cake for the cactus cake smash 


Henna Maternity Sessions - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

Henna Maternity Sessions - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

After much searching and a few trial runs I am so excited to announce that Four Fireflies Photography has teamed up with Henna Tattoo St. Louis to offer maternity henna sessions! 

Henna is applied to the belly in the comfort of my St. Louis studio and the photo shoot takes place right after.

Maternity henna sessions are $250 and include henna application and 5 digital images. You may also add henna application to a full maternity session for $120.



Maternity Belly Henna Frequently Asked Questions

What is henna?

Henna, also commonly referred to as mehndi, is a paste prepared from a plant and used to dye
skin, hair, nails, and fabrics in different regions such as the Arabian Peninsula, Indian
subcontinet, North Africa and more.

Where do the sessions take place? 

Henna application takes place in the comfort of my St. Louis studio with the photo shoot immediately following application. 


How long does the session last? 

Expect to spend one and a half to two hours at the studio. 

How does henna work? 

Henna paste is applied to the skin using a cone or bottle to create designs. Once the paste
dries, the henna will harden and crack - often flaking off. Once the henna has fallen off the skin
or is removed, a stain on the skin in its place will be visible. Pictures will be taken while the paste is still on. 

How long does henna stay on? 

Henna typically lasts anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on multiple factors such
as: how long the paste was left on, a person's natural body temperature (warmer bodies show
more color), or how often that area of skin is washed or rubbed.

What should I wear to the session? 

Please arrive to the studio wearing something comfortable and easy to change out of for the application. For the photo shoot, any clothing that allows you to expose your belly is great but a black or white bra and pantie set, long flowy skirt and bandeau bras all work great! I also have a few outfits in the studio you can use. 


Is this natural henna? 

We ONLY use natural henna. You can tell natural henna based on the color and texture once
applied. Natural henna is green in color, dries and hardens above the skin (doesn't sink in to
skin), and leaves an orange, reddish, or brown stain. With increase in popularity, there is also an increase in henna-like products such as jagua, or black henna, which may contain unlisted dyes and chemicals to produce a black color, instead of the natural red or brownish color. People with a glucose-6-phosphate dehyrogenase deficiency (G6PD deficiency) should avoid applying any henna on their hair, skin, or nails or they may suffer from allergic reactions.





Feed Your Baby Registration - St. Louis Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Event

Feed Your Baby Registration - St. Louis Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Event

It's Feed Your Baby session time again!  This year's event is taking place on May 19th at Tower Grove Park and is open to all St. Louis area mamas no matter how you choose to feed your child! 

Breast Milk - Formula

Breastfeeding - Bottle Feeding - SNS - Feeding Tube

Everyone is welcome!  This is a community event and is also an excellent chance to meet new people.  We encourage you to arrive early and hang out as long as you'd.  In past families have even packed picnic dinners.

Your session fee includes a digital copy of the group shot as will as one of your personal digital files.  Additional personal files will be available to purchase from your viewing gallery for $10 per image.  Your entire ($15) session fee will go to buy feeding supplies for babies in our community (such as breast milk storage, bottles and tube feeding supplies).

Please contact me if your little one is tube fed and we will wave your session fee.  

I hope to see you all there!