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My passion may be for newborn and baby photography, but when given the opportunity to give back I couldn’t pass it up. A little while back, I had the chance to work with Flashes of Hope and St. Louis Children’s Hospital to provide professional Photography for patients and their families. It was a great way to bring a little light and fun to a time where they are not feeling their best. Flashes of hope even provides free makeup for the older kids and adults so that they can look their best! I will never forget this experience and I am looking forward to not only volunteering in the hospital again this year but at a special camp too!


Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Just look at this beautiful family! As a newborn photographer in St. Louis I have the honor of being the first to capture so many happy families and this was no exception. My local studio allows me so much freedom in posing and designing these sessions and I absolutely love taking the time to customize each session to the needs and expectations of my clients. And as I have said before, nothing is better than when the whole family gets in on the act. Just look at the smile on Big Sister here, there is no doubt about how much she loves her new sister and I’m sure that they will make a ton of great memories together!


My studio is fully equipped with props, outfits and layering pieces to deliver a unique and special experience to every client I see. That said, I love when the families bring special mementos or heirlooms to incorporate. These blankets were both hand made by baby’s grandmas!


Sleeping babies may be a little easier to work with but I do love getting those smiles and silly looks when the little ones decide to perk up and show their personalities.


2018 Collage - St. Louis Photographer

Wow! What a year it was in 2018. I had so many wonderful experiences with clients old and new and I can’t wait to do it all again this year! .As a photographer I get to be a part of so many stories and I love the part I play in each of them. Each newborn I get to photograph for the very first time and every family I get to work with throughout the year are so special and they all mean so much to me. These collages are my way of showing off these beautiful people and showing my gratitude. I want to thank all of my clients from 2018 and let all of you know how much I truly appreciate the chance to get to know you and to be a part of so many amazing memories and milestones! Thank you all so much and to clients old and new, let’s have an amazing 2019!


Little Baby Yoda - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Little Baby Yoda - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Not so long ago, in a studio conveniently located in South St. Louis… ELIJAH! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I always love getting a chance to get friends and loved ones into the studio for a special occasion, and boy did this qualify! Elijah here is the first child of good friends of mine and I felt blessed to be doing this session for them.


I love when Mom and Dad incorporate personal touches and bits of their own personalities into the shoots. It really makes the whole experience so special and very personal. Elijah here was a trooper too.. so good!


How adorable! These truly peaceful moments are a joy to capture, if of course baby is feeling cooperative. Luckily, this little man did a great job and I was really able to get a great variety of different shots.


I can never say it enough, don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of these once in a lifetime photos. They grow so fast and every parent that gets in on the fun tells me how greatfull they are to have they images!


Santa Sessions 2018 - St. Louis Family Photographer

Santa Sessions 2018 - St. Louis Family Photographer

I am so excited to be welcoming a very special guest to the studio this year! On November 24th Santa Claus has agreed to come in for personal interactions and pictures with your family! This is your chance to have 15 min for your family to spend one on one with the big guy himself!


Remember that Santa sessions are not just for the little ones. He is great for kids of all ages! No matter f you are a kid from 1 to 92, you are never too old for a little holiday magic.


Fall Mini Sessions 2018- St. Louis Family Photographer

Fall Mini Sessions 2018- St. Louis Family Photographer

Registration for Fall 2018 Mini Sessions are now open! I only do a small number of mini sessions each year and the fall is such a perfect time of year to update your family picture or get some great shots of the kiddos for this years holiday cards. Maybe you just want to have so really fun photos of the little ones frolicking in the leaves! There is no bad reason to sign up..


Sessions this year will be held at Forest Park on October 20th and 21st and once more on November 11th. There are still open slots on each of the days, but don’t wait, they fill up fast!


Looking for an extended family session? Send me a message for more details! Very limited Fall availability left!


Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Girl - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

This little girl was already a moth old by time she came into the new studio.  She was absolutely perfect and slept as well as a baby of less than 2 weeks!   Just look at how great these turned out.  I'm not sure which I like best.


These yellow setups are quickly becoming some of my favorites for summer!  I think that this little one loved it too. 


I may specialize in newborns and babies, but I still really enjoy family photography as well.  I've said it before but I really love when the rest of the family gets involved in the session.  Hopefully I'll see them again before long to capture more memories for this beautiful family.

st-louis-newborn-family-photographer-collage-of baby-girl-with-dad-and-mom-in-black-and-white.jpg

Beautiful Baby Girl - St. Louis Baby Photographer

Beautiful Baby Girl - St. Louis Baby Photographer

Sometimes it is the simple images that end up being my favorites.  A simple smile and a downward glance that shows off baby's beautiful long lashes.  This little one had a wonderful gallery full of beautiful images, but this one, this simple one with just a hint of color, is by far my favorite of the bunch. 


Cactus Cake Smash - St. Louis First Birthday Photographer

Cactus Cake Smash - St. Louis First Birthday Photographer

I will have pictures from the new studio in South St. Louis soon.  For now, here are some of my favorite shots from my first session in the new space! 


Mama and I found each other on the Crafted In St. Louis Facebook group and it was an instant connection!  She owns Brittany's Bee-utiful Blossoms and makes these amazing paper flowers we used in the pictures! 


I have been in love with this white high-chair for a while and it works perfectly with the white curtain and window in the new studio! 



I always encourage including family in the fun and adding a few family shots to any session is never any extra cost!  These two were excited to get in on the action and to show off their growing family.


Mom also made all of the decorations AND the cake for the cactus cake smash 


Henna Maternity Sessions - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

Henna Maternity Sessions - St. Louis Maternity Photographer

After much searching and a few trial runs I am so excited to announce that Four Fireflies Photography has teamed up with Henna Tattoo St. Louis to offer maternity henna sessions! 

Henna is applied to the belly in the comfort of my St. Louis studio and the photo shoot takes place right after.

Maternity henna sessions are $250 and include henna application and 5 digital images. You may also add henna application to a full maternity session for $120.



Maternity Belly Henna Frequently Asked Questions

What is henna?

Henna, also commonly referred to as mehndi, is a paste prepared from a plant and used to dye
skin, hair, nails, and fabrics in different regions such as the Arabian Peninsula, Indian
subcontinet, North Africa and more.

Where do the sessions take place? 

Henna application takes place in the comfort of my St. Louis studio with the photo shoot immediately following application. 


How long does the session last? 

Expect to spend one and a half to two hours at the studio. 

How does henna work? 

Henna paste is applied to the skin using a cone or bottle to create designs. Once the paste
dries, the henna will harden and crack - often flaking off. Once the henna has fallen off the skin
or is removed, a stain on the skin in its place will be visible. Pictures will be taken while the paste is still on. 

How long does henna stay on? 

Henna typically lasts anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on multiple factors such
as: how long the paste was left on, a person's natural body temperature (warmer bodies show
more color), or how often that area of skin is washed or rubbed.

What should I wear to the session? 

Please arrive to the studio wearing something comfortable and easy to change out of for the application. For the photo shoot, any clothing that allows you to expose your belly is great but a black or white bra and pantie set, long flowy skirt and bandeau bras all work great! I also have a few outfits in the studio you can use. 


Is this natural henna? 

We ONLY use natural henna. You can tell natural henna based on the color and texture once
applied. Natural henna is green in color, dries and hardens above the skin (doesn't sink in to
skin), and leaves an orange, reddish, or brown stain. With increase in popularity, there is also an increase in henna-like products such as jagua, or black henna, which may contain unlisted dyes and chemicals to produce a black color, instead of the natural red or brownish color. People with a glucose-6-phosphate dehyrogenase deficiency (G6PD deficiency) should avoid applying any henna on their hair, skin, or nails or they may suffer from allergic reactions.





Feed Your Baby Registration - St. Louis Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Event

Feed Your Baby Registration - St. Louis Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Event

It's Feed Your Baby session time again!  This year's event is taking place on May 19th at Tower Grove Park and is open to all St. Louis area mamas no matter how you choose to feed your child! 

Breast Milk - Formula

Breastfeeding - Bottle Feeding - SNS - Feeding Tube

Everyone is welcome!  This is a community event and is also an excellent chance to meet new people.  We encourage you to arrive early and hang out as long as you'd.  In past families have even packed picnic dinners.

Your session fee includes a digital copy of the group shot as will as one of your personal digital files.  Additional personal files will be available to purchase from your viewing gallery for $10 per image.  Your entire ($15) session fee will go to buy feeding supplies for babies in our community (such as breast milk storage, bottles and tube feeding supplies).

Please contact me if your little one is tube fed and we will wave your session fee.  

I hope to see you all there!

Silhouette Mini Sessions  -  St. Louis Family Photography

Silhouette Mini Sessions - St. Louis Family Photography

Silhouette sessions are a fun way to get a unique portrait of your family! The nature of this style makes planning and prep easy, no need to buy matching outfits or fuss over make up and messy faces! Perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Join us at on Sunday March 25th in Laumeier Sculpture Park
12580 Rott Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127

Sessions will last 10 minuets and include 3 digital images. (additional digital images, prints and wall art will be available for purchase). On line gallery will be posted 1-2 weeks after the session for selection.

THIS WEEK ONLY!!! Use the code "SPRING18" at checkout to save $20! 


Newborn Boy  -  St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Boy - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Meet baby E!  The cold weather meant we had to delay his session a few times but, as you can see, it all worked out great in the end!  

Usually, a sleepy baby makes for the best Newborn Sessions but this little guy was just so cooperative that it didn't matter at all.  Some of his best faces came when he was wide awake.  Sometimes, things just seem to work out.


As I have said before, I absolutely love when the family gets in on the fun.  Imagine how excited I was when Mom and Grandma both wanted to take part.  What a great looking family!


He did eventually run out of steam which made for some "dreamy" shots to round out the session. 


As a Newborn Photographer I have to be adaptable.  Babies can't always be sleeping, and mother nature doesn't always cooperate.  You can never completely control the circumstances of a shoot but, with persistence, and a little luck, every shoot can be amazing.   I am beyond happy with how these turned out! 

Baby J - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Baby J - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Every session I schedule for my St. Louis studio starts with a questionnaire that helps me customize the shoot to suit the family's preferences.  I was so excited when I found out that this little has a mint and purple nursery!  Mom booked well in advance which left me with plenty of time to both make and order some items to make this session truly special. 

This cutie turned out to be my very last session of 2017 and was an absolute dream way to end the year! 


I always encourage parents to be in the pictures too!  I completely understand that not all parents are feeling their best in the first few weeks (or even months) with a newborn but trust me, you'll be glad you did it.  If you aren't completely happy with the results, no harm done!  You do not have to pick any of the images if you don't want to.  However, in my experience, almost every parent who got in on the fun ended up wanting at least a family photos to hang on the wall.  Not to brag, but I'm very good at my job and promise to do everything I can to make you look your absolute best.  No matter what you choose to do, It will be an unforgettable experience!


2017 Top Ten - St. Louis Photography Studio

2017 Top Ten - St. Louis Photography Studio

2017 was an amazing year!  I thought I should take some time to look back on my favorite images of the year and reflect on what makes them so special to me. 



Coming in at #10 is an awesome image from a session won through a drawing I held at Recycled Youth Resale.  This brother and sister duo were so much fun to photograph.  At this age it can sometimes be a struggle to get siblings to stand near each other at all but the biggest issue with these two was getting them hug a little less tightly! 



This next picture features one of my favorite little guys who came in a few times last year.  This baby, with his HUGE smile, was only 3 months old at the time!  Getting a grin out a baby that age can be a bit tricky but this little man was all smiles the whole session! 



I love it when grandparents come along for sessions.  I love it even more when they want to get in on the fun!  This grandma came in from out of country to help welcome this sweet little boy.  I just love the way she snuggled right up with him. 



I had the honor this fall to capture my best friend's son and his cousins.  I love this image because it really shows how close these kids really are.  That and because getting 6 kids to all lay still together is quite an accomplishment! 



At #6 is one of my favorite theme set ups of the year.  When this little man's parents said that they were huge St. Louis Blues fans, I had the perfect backdrop in mind!  Look at him just "chillin out". 



"We like to go dancing, can we incorporate that?"  That question was music to this photographer's ears!  This couple was so much fun during their maternity session.  Fun note, This bump is also the baby with grandma in entry #8! 



This image actually made me tear up when I was editing it.  I wish so much that I had a touching image like this of my own kids. 



It's not the classic nature of this newborn image that makes it a favorite, though I do really love any picture that is simple and clean.  This image is special because of what we discovered while looking the the finished images.  Dad said to me, "Oh that's cool, you photo-shopped our name on the box."  I looked at him confused because I had not altered the box at all.  On closer inspection we realized that the box just happened to have their last name on it! 



I don't feel like this special image needs much explanation as to why it made it to #2.  These two little miracles were born almost 3 months early but were complete rock stars during their NICU stay.  It was a pleasure to pop in a few weeks before they went home to document this special time.  The whole family is doing great and we just shot a followup family session.



And finally #1!!!!  This little man has been in every 3 months and we are now planning his first birthday session.  I am going to be so sad when his 1st year plan is up and I don't get to see him all the time!  This is not only my favorite image from his sessions, but my favorite for the whole year because of how simple, clean and classic it is.  This, to me, shows his semi serious yet playful personality. 



I hope that you all have enjoyed looking over this list as much as I did putting it together..  The thing is, while this may be a "Top 10" for the year, there are so many more pictures that could easily have been substituted in.  The curse of loving what you do is that it can be hard to pick out "best" moments.  Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to doing what I can to make your 2018 as photogenic as possible!  Happy New Year!


Happy Birthday Westley!

Happy Birthday Westley!

My littlest boy is one today!  Along with watching my business grow this last year I was in awe everyday watching this little man grow up. 

Happy Birthday my dearest Wessie. I can not wait to see what this next year bring for us both. 


Christmas Round-Up 2017

Christmas Round-Up 2017

It has been a great holiday season around the studio!  I am very thankful to have taken so many fun pictures to celebrate the season and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. 

st-louis-photography-studio-kids-in-red -with-rustic-christmas-trees.jpg
My Crew! 

My Crew! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Four Fireflies Photography! 

(personalized digital family illustrations available for purchase, please  contact  for details!)

(personalized digital family illustrations available for purchase, please contact for details!)

St. Louis Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

St. Louis Holiday Mini Sessions 2017


Join Four Fireflies Photography and Crystal Kosednar Photography for Holiday Mini Sessions on December 2, 2017.

This is such a magical time of year!  What better way to commemorate it then with unique Holiday images that everyone will love.  Your digital gallery will be ready in 4-5 days so you will have plenty of time to order prints or Holiday cards.

Kiddo sessions will last 15 minutes and include 4 digital images
Family sessions will last 25 minutes and include 9 digital images

I really look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and I wish you all the best this holiday season!


Baby L - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Baby L - St. Louis Newborn Photographer


I was so happy to be able to welcome an old friend's family into the studio a few weeks ago to capture their newest addition.  Little L was joined in the studio by his two big brothers and one very proud big sister.  Everyone did a great job and the photos turned out better than imagined!  I am always happy to have the whole family join in for a newborn session.

This little guy measured big throughout mamas pregnancy and picked up the nickname "Hulk".  So of course I couldn't resist making him a little Hulk outfit!  Fortunately, I can report that, unlike his namesake, he was very well behaved and the studio is very much in tact.  As a newborn photographer it is really important to me to be able to customize these sessions for each family and to really make them a unique and unforgettable experience.


Fall 2017 Mini Sessions - St. Louis Photographer

Fall 2017 Mini Sessions - St. Louis Photographer

This year I am excited to team up with Crystal Kosednar Photography to co host a great day of mini sessions in St. Louis on October 15, 2017. 



During the day join us at my studio for Halloween Mini Sessions! Dress your littles (and bigs too) up in their costumes for a fun photo shoot. Sessions will last 10 minuets, include one outfit and two backdrops (the scene shown and a neutral set up to show off the costume. 

Photo credit Crystal Kosednar Photography

Photo credit Crystal Kosednar Photography

And close to sunset join us on Art Hill in Forest Park for a unique family portrait. Silhouette sessions are a fun way to get a unique portrait of your family! The nature of this style makes planning and prep easy, no need to buy matching outfits or fuss over make up and messy faces!

If you have any questions please hop over to the Contact page to send me a message! I look forward to seeing everyone this fall!